Malawi Honey

In 2008 we started to import local honey from a poor village called Mapanga, where many Christans live poor lives.

When it rained ,they were wet in their houses.


This was the first bee honey to be imported publicly into japan

from the Republic of Malawi.


We imported 1ton of honey in total.


With the money, local producers were able to reform their houses,

to pay for school that 60% of the kids could go to high school.

(reported by MalawiJICA) 

Our Vision

Export Good News to Least Developed Countries


Support Poor Christians in  Least Developed Countries


To make above two things come true, we import bee honey and

agricultural product , food , into Japan and sell them there.


Show success in the market place to the people who tried

and failed to become pastors ,encourage them to live on their

own Callings.